Delivering in Vegas…Congrats!

Vegas-Paola Longoria

“Championship Racquetball” Sports Racquetball Triangle…. Tips from the Coach!                                                                     By Fran Davis and Pro Rocky Carson HEAD/Penn [ngg src="galleries" ids="5" display="basic_thumbnail" thumbnail_crop="0"]Delivering in Vegas…CONGRATS! Well, my Championship Team was “Ready for Vegas” and then “Delivered in Vegas”. More than 300 of the world’s best racquetball players took to the air on the Las Vegas Strip for the 2020 3Wallball World Championships. My Players fared well from the Professionals I coach to the Amateurs I coach and who attended the Rocky Carson Outdoor Racquetball Clinic in September 2020 in Seattle, WA: Paola Longoria – the No. 1 ranked female racquetball

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Have a Game Plan, On and Off the Court

A game plan is a plan of action based on your strengths and weaknesses as well as your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, most people don’t plan in everyday life let alone on the racquetball court. When you plan, you are being proactive, which is taking control of the match. You are in a much better position to win when creating the situation right from the beginning of the match.   (more…)

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Be a Racquetball Detective

Detectives investigate a situation and gather information before they can make a determination of what happened or what they need to do to solve the mystery. A “racquetball detective” is no different. You, the racquetball detective, must analyze your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses as well as your own strengths and weaknesses, which will determine the game plan you need to put together in order to beat your opponent. Here’s a simple formula: (more…)

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