Return of Serve Position For a Drive Serve with Rocky Carson

Rocky Carson returning a drive serve.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's kick off 2022 with another great tip courtesy of IRT pro Rocky Carson. As you know, I am Rocky's coach and these are the same techniques I teach and use with all of my athletes. I am also going to EXTEND my offer for a 25% DISCOUNT on my book, DVD and ALL of my coaching packages, so treat yourself to this big savings before it expires Monday, January 3, 2022. It’s super easy, go to and then click the store link at the top. Make sure to use promo code HOLIDAY25 at checkout to save. The

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Video Tip: Good Deceptive Drive Serves

Have you watched my “Tip of the Week” video series featured on, my YouTube Channel, and FranDavisRacquetball? This goes over “Good Deceptive Drive Serves”. I break down importance of how to execute good deceptive drive serves and how to keep your opponent guessing and off balance. If you like what you just watched check out more detailed information on shot selection in my book and DVD. The Championship Racquetball book is only $19.95 + shipping or the DVD for is only $24.95 + shipping. Order both for only $40.00 + shipping. Buy NOW at * 10% of proceeds from the

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Preseason Training Schedule: COVID-19

Preseason training schedule

First off, I hope everyone has been staying healthy through this unprecedented time. No one ever saw this coming, and we all have had to learn how to deal with it as the world went on a complete “lockdown.” It’s been since the middle of March that all cities/states in the USA were following “stay at home orders” from their respective governors. As the country/world is slowly starting to open up, I thought PRESEASON TRAINING SCHEDULE was the perfect topic to discuss and share with you, so you know how to come back safely without a possible injury. Postseason Recovery

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What’s the Purpose of the Return of Serve?

When you return the serve you are positioned in the back of the court about 2-3 feet from the back wall. You are as far away from the front wall as possible, which is the target and you are on defense. Unlike the Server, who is positioned in the middle of the court approximately 20 feet from the front wall, and is hitting the ball out of their hand. The server is in total control and is on offense. (more…)

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