The Course

Building Your Racquetball Dream House…Instructional Online Course

What Does the Course Cover?

This is the “ultimate in racquetball online course instruction!”

I’ll help you to “Build Your Racquetball Dream House” starting from the ground up! So, sign up for the online course we will help you become a fundamentally sound player.

We’ll start by pouring a strong foundation …

Foundation Section

  • Chapter 1 Forehand
  • Chapter 2 Backhand
  • Chapter 3 Shots of the Game – Offensive vs Defensive
  • Chapter 4 Drilling

Then we’ll erect a powerful frame (including siding, of course) …

The Frame Section (worth 40-50% of game)

  • Chapter 5 Shot Selection
  • Chapter 6 Court Position

We’ll put on a well-sealed weatherproof roof …

The Roof Section (worth 40-50% of game)

  • Chapter 7 Serves – Hard vs Soft / Relocation out of Box
  • Chapter 8 Return of Serve

Now, we’re going to help you “accessorize” your Racquetball Dream House …

The Accessories Section

  • Chapter 9 Game Plans
  • Chapter 10 Strategies

AND, we’ll even throw in a bunch of extras…


  • SUPER Tips From Fran

For What Level Player Is This Video?

  • Recommended for ALL levels of player

Nationals special: $21

Learn from the same coach that the top racquetball pros trust to up their game!

Rocky Carson: Ladera Ranch, CA: Former # 1 Pro, 1X US Open Champion, 5X World Champion, 2X Pan American Champion, USA Nationals Team 20+ years.

“Good Coaches are teachers. They teach you how to think and arm you with the fundamental tools to execute properly. They teach you how to understand the game. During a game they tell you what is working and what is not and what to adjust.” Kobe Bryant. |

“WITHOUT a DOUBT this is who Coach Fran Davis is. I think with her knowledge of Racquetball, she is not only able to teach the game, but teach how to win so that her players can take that and run with it themselves.Often I think her passion for the game and for winning rubs off on everyone she works with as well…I KNOW IT DID FOR ME. What I mean by that is your passion becomes our passion.”

Paola Longoria:Monterrey, MX:
#1 Pro 13X, 12X US Open Champion, 6X World Champion, 4X Pan American Champion, Mexican Nationals Team 20+ years.

“Your commitment to me has been non-wavering for the 14 years you have been coaching me and the results we achieved together. Thank you for all your hard work, effort and a huge commitment keeping me on the top of the game and pushing me to be AGGRESSIVE, SMART and INTENSE on the court…like you.”

Alok Mehta, Chicago, IL
: World Senior 55+ Champion, Illinois Open State Champion, Top 100 in the USAR Rankings, 

“Coach Fran Davis has been instrumental in elevating my racquetball to championship levels; her expertise is unparalleled. Within just a year of her coaching, I’ve clinched titles at the state, national, and world amateur divisions—a testament to her exceptional mentoring. Fran possesses a comprehensive toolkit and an eye for detail that consistently produces champions. Her guidance is transformative, turning potential into excellence on the court.”

Dave Boyovich Maple Valley, WA: Local Men’s B Player to a Men’s Elite Player|

“Imagine if you could get just add 2 or 3 extra points to a game, how many games would you have won that you lost by a point or two? In the past 15 years that I have worked with Fran Davis, the three biggest things I have learned are mental toughness, shot selection, and court position win games. Eighty percent of the game is won between the six inches between your ears in your mind. Too many times you see even pro plays lose focus or get down on themselves in the middle of the game. When this occurs, you are now not only playing against your opponent, but you are playing against yourself (good luck). 

Staying mentally strong and focused has added at least two points a game to my matches.  Being in the right position in center court has help me staying in the rally in matches that I would have lost in the past.  The older I get, the slower I am (reality), so court position is key for me.  The last thing I would say is shot selection. I have won more rallies by going down the line against the wall than any other shot.  Fran helped me remove from my game the shot I thought looked cool, to the shot that wins the rally. This one change in my game has helped me win more matches against even much better players than I can count.

How much is winning those matches worth to you? Want to improve your game, then Fran Davis can help you make that change. It has been worth every penny I ever spent, Fran is not only one of the best coaches you can ever have help you with your game, but she has also become one of my friends for life.”

Forrest Bibeau Seattle, WA
Men’s B to a Men’s Elite

Working with Coach Fran Davis has elevated every single aspect of my game. Not only is Fran incredibly knowledgeable about all-things racquetball, she is an excellent coach that tries to understand the person holding the racquet and what they need to reach their next level. While the mechanics of my game have certainly improved, Fran has instilled in me a sense for how to read the game, study my performance critically, and analyze my opponent. Playing hard is important, but Fran emphasizes the importance and benefits of playing smart. Fran’s passion for the game shows in the care she gives to each of her students; by coming with an open mind she is able to show her students what’s possible and how they can get there. I would highly recommend working with Fran for anyone who is looking to give themselves a lifelong framework for how to approach the game and have no doubt she will leave a lasting impact on your racquetball journey.”

Alice Birnbaum: Berkley, CA:
Women’s Beginner to a Women’s B 

Fran is very encouraging, but also uses tough love to help you reach your goals. As a weekend player, I don’t have much time for practicing. Fran helped me prioritize the drills that have the biggest impact on my game. Fran has an eye for detail, and she can quickly identify the micro-adjustments that will improve your stroke mechanics.”


Jessica Chen Bellevue, WA: Women’s B to a Women’s Open

“Coach Fran Davis’ system built a foundational knowledge for me in the game that has scaled all the way from the B level I started at to the Open level I play at today. All the skills and strategy in her coaching system build upon one another to be effective and provide benefits at every level, whether you are a casual club player or competitive tournament player. Her coaching, especially for mental toughness is unparalleled, and the benefits and lessons from her system and coaching provide value that extends beyond the court.

Mark Frank: Longview, WA Men’s 60+ Smarter More Consistent Age Group Player

“Fran’s philosophy of coaching racquetball begins with playing smart aggressive racquetball. She has helped me the most with my shot selections and court positioning. She is very passionate about coaching and brings a fun and positive can-do attitude to teaching the game. Highly recommend working with Fran if you get the chance.  She is one of the very best!”

Nationals special: $21