Championship Racquetball

Take your game to the next level with Championship Racquetball—the most comprehensive guide for mastering the skills, tactics, and strategies of today’s game.

Renowned coach and hall of famer Fran Davis teams up with racquetball legend and former #1 ranked pro player Jason Mannino to share their expertise and secrets on every aspect of the sport—from mastering the skills to recognizing weaknesses and establishing the strategies that will dominate your opponent during match play.

Championship Racquetball will show you how to master these aspects of the game:

  • Develop an attacking forehand and penetrating backhand
  • Dictate matches with dominating serves and returns.
  • Round out your arsenal with offensive and defensive specialty shots.
  • Adjust court positioning and refine shot selection.
  • Establish a winning game plan and match strategy for any opponent.
  • Increase strength, power, and endurance through racquetball specific training drills and exercises.
  • Win the mental game every time with the proven psychological and mental strategies used by top players.

With detailed instruction, the most effective skill development drills, and practice, training, and match preparation tips for singles and doubles, this is the essential guide for any serious player. If you want to play like a champion, turn to the champions—Davis, Mannino, and Championship Racquetball.


Part I-The Skills

  • Chapter 1: Attacking Forehand
  • Chapter 2: Penetrating Backhand
  • Chapter 3: Dominating Serves and Returns
  • Chapter 4: Winning Offensive and Defensive Shots

Part II-The Tactics

  • Chapter 5: Maximizing Court Position
  • Chapter 6: Improving Shot Selection
  • Chapter 7: Developing Game Plans and Match Strategy

Part III-The Competition

  • Chapter 8: Practicing Perfectly
  • Chapter 9: Maintaining Mental Toughness
  • Chapter 10: Conditioning and Flexibility
  • Chapter 11: Playing Doubles


About the Authors

Fran Davis’ career has spanned 30 years as a competitor and coach. She instructs top professional and world champion junior players, including Paola Longoria, Rocky Carson, Taylor Knoth, Sharon Jackson and worked with legends Jason Mannino and Sudsy Monchik. She served as the U.S. national team coach for 8 years; during her time as a player, she won 4 national championships. Davis was selected by USA Racquetball as the Woman of the Year in 2009. In 2004, she was inducted into the Racquetball Hall of Fame for her excellence and dedication to the sport.

Jason Mannino has been playing professionally and coaching for over 15 years. He has been ranked as the No. 1 player in the world during 3 different seasons and ended 2003 as the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) #1 Player and Player of the Year. In 1998, he received the IRT Most Improved Player Award; in 1996, he was named IRT Rookie of the Year. Mannino served on the International Racquetball Board for over 5 years and was instrumental in developing the governance for the International Racquetball Tour. He also served as president of the IRT.

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