Coaching Announcement

I am super excited to announce that I was selected in February 2024 by Team Dovetail to Coach with Rocky Carson and train DJ Mendoza to strengthen his mental toughness and game planning. This will include extensive video analysis, enhanced drilling sessions and improved overall game planning and game management to develop a championship racquetball game. DJ will be at the top of my list and this is what I’m focusing on until he reaches his goals.

I am so proud to see DJ’s game starting to take shape and seeing his results after watching him compete in the Battle at the Alamo tournament in San Antonio, TX.  DJ advanced to the semifinals of the Men’s Open Singles, eventually losing to Kane Waselenchuk, he then advanced to the semifinals of the Mixed Open Doubles, and he also made the finals of the Men’s Open Doubles after beating Daniel De La Rosa and David Mendoza (his father) in the semifinals. A hard working player in progress.

Stay tuned for more updates about Rocky and DJ!

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