Return of Serve Position For a Drive Serve with Rocky Carson

Rocky Carson returning a drive serve.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's kick off 2022 with another great tip courtesy of IRT pro Rocky Carson. As you know, I am Rocky's coach and these are the same techniques I teach and use with all of my athletes. I am also going to EXTEND my offer for a 25% DISCOUNT on my book, DVD and ALL of my coaching packages, so treat yourself to this big savings before it expires Monday, January 3, 2022. It’s super easy, go to and then click the store link at the top. Make sure to use promo code HOLIDAY25 at checkout to save. The

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Penetrating Backhand with Paola Longoria

Paola Longoria hitting a backhand.

Good morning everyone. I wanted to start out Cyber Monday with a very valuable tip for all you, courtesy of world no. 1 Paola Longoria who is competing this week at the World #Racquetball Championships In Guatemala. As you know, I am Paola's coach and these are the same techniques I continue to teach and use with all my athletes. I am offering a 25% DISCOUNT on my book, DVD and all my coaching packages, so treat yourself to this big savings. It’s super easy, go to and then click the store link at the top. Make sure to use promo code HOLIDAY25 at

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Fran Davis One Day Clinic Las Vegas, NV – May 16, 2021

Attention Racquetball Enthusiasts! Sunday, May 16, 2021 from 9:00am to 12:00 pm PST there will be a one day clinic held at the Las Vegas Athletic Club - Central in Las Vegas, NV taught by Coach Fran Davis. Session Includes: Lecture on topics such as Court Position, Shot Selection, Serve &/or Serve Return for Singles and some Doubles Playing/Critiquing on the Court as well Giveaways & Wrap Up You do NOT want to miss this GREAT Opportunity to work with Coach Fran Davis, the #1 coach/instructor in the world. She presently coaches Rocky Carson, #3 IRT Pro Player/1x US Open Champion/5x

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Coming Back after a 9-Month Layoff Due to COVID-19!

“Championship Racquetball” Sports Racquetball Triangle…. Tips from the Coach! by Fran Davis The country/world is divided whether the gyms/courts are open or closed, but you need to be creative to be ready for 2021. Of course nothing beats on court/in gym training, but you can’t imagine the great results you can achieve with the following techniques I will share with you…look at Rocky Carson coming to Atlanta, GA to the Suivant Consulting Pro-Am Presented by Zurek Construction this weekend and Paola Longoria winning the 3Wallball World Championships in Las Vegas, NV in September and the Super Max Slam in

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Video Tip: Backhand Mechanics with Paola Longoria

Have you watched my “Tip of the Week” video series featured on the LPRT Facebook, my YouTube Channel, and FranDavisRacquetball? This goes over “Backhand Mechanics with Paola Longoria”. I break down the importance of how to execute a good backhand with proper footwork and good early racquet prep, and as an added bonus some Spanish subtitles (con subtítulos en español!)! If you like what you just watched check out more detailed information on shot selection in my book and DVD. The Championship Racquetball book is only $19.95 + shipping or the DVD for is only $24.95 + shipping. Order both

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Preseason Training Schedule: COVID-19

Preseason training schedule

First off, I hope everyone has been staying healthy through this unprecedented time. No one ever saw this coming, and we all have had to learn how to deal with it as the world went on a complete “lockdown.” It’s been since the middle of March that all cities/states in the USA were following “stay at home orders” from their respective governors. As the country/world is slowly starting to open up, I thought PRESEASON TRAINING SCHEDULE was the perfect topic to discuss and share with you, so you know how to come back safely without a possible injury. Postseason Recovery

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