Make the Most of ALL Game Situations

altBy understanding sample game situations and tactical strategies of what to do in the heat of the battle you will then be on your way to building to your “championship level of play”. You need to be able to analyze the situation, figure out what to do, and then adjust your game plan and strategies so you fully understand how to play each and every point/game and match. This information will allow you to close out the game/match that you have the lead in, or come back from a deficient in the game/match you are behind in or win a tight match that is going back and forth and it’s 10-10 in the breaker.

Game Situation Strategy
You are ahead 10-7 in tiebreaker, and you are serving for the match. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Don’t let up. Go with what got you to 10. Serve your best serve and the one you have the most confidence in. DO NOT be tentative and sit on a big lead, when you have the shot GO FOT IT. Winning and being a champion is about taking the shot in the right situation, not waiting for your opponent to miss a shot and give you the point/game/match.
You are behind 0-7 in the 1st game. Play high-percentage shots, and don’t force a weak shot. Work your way back into the match one point at a time using high percentage racquetball methodology.  Explore different serves and shots to find your opponent’s weaknesses, and then exploit them. You want to try to win the 1st game to put pressure on your opponent to win the next 2 games in order to win the match.
You won the 1st game. Start the second game with constant pressure, and use what  worked in the first game. Stick to your game plan—you were successful. This is NOT THE TIME to explore other options, as what you are doing is WORKING.
You won the first game, but you are down 12-4 in the second game. Work hard to get your momentum back. Be defensive when your opponent is serving, go to the ceiling or hit good passes, and be more aggressive when you are serving if you are not losing points on your serve. Adjust your game plan with different serves, smarter return of serves, and DO NOT try to make something out of nothing by shooting aimlessly.
You lost the 1st game. You need to adjust your game plan and the tempo of the match.

Use the Game Plans/Strategies in my book, “Championship Racquetball” to understand “game situations” in detail. This will lead to putting more pressure on your opponents you are playing, Chapter 7 (pages 183-202).

I use “The Game Situation Strategy” with my “Championship Team,” Rocky, Paola, Jason, Jordan, Wayne and Mitchell. I encourage each and every one of them to use solid “game situation strategies”, to play at their highest levels of play. Their records speak for themselves. 

Next month, I will continue to build your Championship Racquetball Game one level at a time so you too can be ready to become the champion you always dreamed of becoming, by giving you the tools to make it a reality. Rocky ‘s and all my athletes “Championship Racquetball Games” stem from their focus on ALL 3 sides of the triangle working together so they can develop into top competitors. Without a shadow of a doubt, they KNOW just how important it is to do the work. They are living proof it works and their titles substantiate it.

For details on tips or more personalized instruction/video lessons, a weekend camp, instructional DVD’s and our book, Championship Racquetball) ALL which covers all aspects of the Sports Racquetball Triangle and more, please visit Fran Davis is a 2004 racquetball Hall of Fame inductee; Racquetball Woman of the Year 2009; Coaches #2 IRT Pro Player / 1X US Open Champion / 5X and present World Champion, 2X and present Pan American Champion, Rocky Carson; Coaches #1 Women’s LPRT Pro Player for 7 seasons / 7X and present US Open Champion & 5X and present World Champion, 2X and present Pan American Champion, Paola Longoria; Coaches Jr. World & National Champions, Jordan Cooperrider, Wayne Antone, Mitchell Turner and Ingrid Robledo; Master Professional Instructor/Coach USAR-IP.