Diana’s Tips on Nutrition

Racquetball muscles need ‘glycogen’ in order to perform at their optimal level. Glycogen is a muscle energy source that comes from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains or complex carbohydrates. Your brain needs glucose or blood sugar and your entire metabolism needs water. Racquetball muscles also need ‘amino acids’ found in protein to repair your tissues and cells.

Breakfast of Champions consists of whole grain cereals, fruit, and juice; or eggs, toast, fruit; or hot oatmeal cereal, yogurt, granola and fruit. All of these good wholesome foods turn into muscle glycogen. Stay away from white flour, white sugar, chemicals, fats, and preservatives. They stay in your stomach too long which drives up your glucose index to higher levels, which in turn makes you feel more fatigued after eating these high fat, high sugar food choices.

Protein Lunch consists of a sandwich made of turkey, chicken, tuna, beef, egg or any form of protein with cheese, lettuce, and tomato on whole grain bread; or soup, salad, and a lean hamburger. These are the ideal protein lunches that you need which will contain the amino acids to build and repair muscle tissue and cells that have been broken down by intense play. These amino acids coupled with the glycogen will put energy back into your muscles.

Pasta Dinner consists of whole grain pasta, salad, bread, and lots of water, (throw in some oatmeal cookies for desert) – making this the perfect ‘glycogen’ source. This meal supplies the energy you need for your brain and your muscles.

Protein Dinner is the ideal post-match meal at night as it is filled with amino acids that will build and repair broken down muscle and tissue from your match. Try steak, salad, and steamed vegetables with rice or a potato.

Post Game Nutrition should be 90 minutes after your match. Always eat a protein/carbohydrate meal-the amino acids are used to repair your broken down tissue and cells and the carbohydrates are used to replace your muscle glycogen stores from your match. Do not replace beer and popcorn for a good meal.

*You need to consistently eat like this for 2 days or 48 hours before your competition begins, your body will be perfectly filled with all the nutrients that it needs for a consistent and peak performance!