Dave Boyovich

As a 100% disabled veteran with pins in both my right shoulder and right wrist, being a right-handed player seems to always be a struggle for me.   Before I started taking lessons from Fran, I was barely a B-level player.  And after the first lesson with Fran when she broke down my basic skills I felt like I was a D-level player.

I took to heart everything she said, then went and watched their video, read their new book and the things they were saying began to click.  Your book has become my racquetball bible.  I read and re-read chapters, then go and practice what I’ve read.

I have not only moved up in my league from a B-level player to an A-level player I also find that when I get behind, I feel confident that by playing the high percentage shots that you have taught me I can come back and still win the game.  Yet, with all the things I continue to learn from you, the one thing that totally changed my whole game and my ability to not beat myself in the game is doing the down-the-line drill. That one drill has improved my ability to make the shots that I normally would have missed or would end up beating myself by hitting the ball to the floor.

People ask me, “What changed my game?”  I tell them, “Fran.”

Read her book and it will become your racquetball bible too, watch the video and then go back and read the book again and what Fran and Jason are saying in the book will begin to click. But, if you are really serious about changing your game, go and take not just one lesson, but lessons from Fran.  It will change your game no matter what level of a player you are.

I was tired of always beating myself in the game and I wanted to become a better player and compete at a higher level, so taking lessons from Fran has given me the opportunity to do just that.  Every penny I have spent I believe I have gotten more than my money back in the lessons that I have taken. I am not even close to what I believe I can be as a racquetball player.  But, before I started taking lessons, I never truly believed I could really become that player.  Today, I know I can become that player.

“Fran, thank you very, very much for giving me the opportunity, knowledge, and confidence to be the player I know I can be.”