Fear of Failure and How to Overcome Fear …Part 1

I decided to write about "Fear of Failure" and how to "Overcome Fear" as it is something that all my athletes have had to face on their way to becoming a CHAMPION. Both Rocky and Paola had to face it at the 2011 US Open Championships as well as the 2011 Pan American Championships...both times they made it to the finals playing against their rivals. (more…)

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Championship Racquetball Sports Triangle

In my last article, I wrote about developing a Preseason Schedule which uses the components of flexibility, speed play, aerobic conditioning, strength training , drilling, playing, and mental toughness. This schedule gave you adequate time to prepare your Racquetball Skills, Conditioning Skills, and Mental Skills. Now that you've gone through the Preseason Schedule let's introduce you to the In-Season Schedule. (more…)

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Preparing for a new season and competition

Have you been using your off season wisely? Stockton, CA is a hotbed of competitive racquetball built by the Ellis family, with the reins now being handed off to top-10 pro Jose Rojas and the young group of promising Ektelon players – Team Adrenaline. With the help of personal trainer now turned write, Jesse Serna, these guys have been using this time to improve their games through sessions of hard work both on and off the court. For players of all abilities, this is the best opportunity to improve your game. While the competitive season is fast approaching, it is not

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Fran Davis: Preseason Preparation

My last article, Taking Time Off and Recovery, reviewed the Postseason Recovery Cycle and how important it really is to fully recover both physically and mentally after a long season. Then it's time to start the Preseason Schedule to prepare for when tournaments and leagues start up again. If you haven't already begun, now's the time to focus on getting back into a routine using the components of flexibility, speed play, aerobic conditioning, strength training, drilling, playing, and mental toughness. These four steps will help you get started. (more…)

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Taking Time Off and Recovery by Fran Davis

Athletes sometimes do not know or understand that "TAKING TIME OFF and RECOVERING" is equally as important as the training itself. Think about why people take vacation -  they want and need to get away from work, school, or their crazy-busy lives to just "chill out and relax" and not think. At times, everyone needs to just not be responsible for anything and not have an agenda. Athletes need that too...a "VACATION from Training," physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's called healing the body and mind...a must in order to compete at ANY level. (more…)

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Getting Ready for Nationals with Fran Davis

Well it is that time of year to get ready for "The Nationals" in Fullerton, CA. How does one prepare for such a prestigious event? I would think you are in decent tournament shape as you had to play in "The Regional's" to qualify for this tournament. Let's see what Rocky Carson and Taylor Knoth will do to aggressively prepare for this tournament so they can achieve their goals of winning in their respective divisions, Rocky in the Pro division and Taylor in the US Team Qualifying division. (more…)

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COVID-19 is Impacting the World

In light of the current events ALL scheduling of camps/clinics are currently on hold. If you have any questions please Click the button below to contact me. MOST importantly stay safe and Healthy