Back to Back Weekend Coaching

Well I finally have a weekend off from coaching two tournaments in a row:
Last Weekend April 29-May 1, 2022, I coached Rocky Carson at the IRT ProStop in LA, CA a part of Team Dovetail.

Also attending was Team Zurek

Sebastian Franco/Eduardo Garay, Men’s Open Doubles (2nd)
Erick Trujillo /JP Gonzales, Men’s Open Doubles (3rd)
Francisco Fajardo Men’s 30/40 (3rd)
Francisco Fajardo/Eduardo Castaneda, Men’s Elite Doubles (Semi’s)

Then the weekend of April 22-24, 2022 I went to Portland, OR for the USAR NW Regionals. I started the weekend off coaching Charlie Pratt who’s preparing for the USAR National Doubles and Singles Championships and the USA Team Qualifying event Memorial Day weekend in College Station, TX.

On Friday Night my students began their matches:

Forrest Bibeau, Men’s A Singles & Doubles
Michael Bibeau, Men’s A Singles (3rd) Doubles
Don Dockter, Men’s B Singles
Nick Morgan, Men’s C Singles (1st) & Men’s B Doubles

Congrats to the Team HEAD Players led by their RMC and Tournament Director, Brian Ancheta:

Jason Samora, Men’s Open Singles & Doubles (1st)
Mike Berns, Men’s Open Doubles (1st)
Tucker Elkins, Men’s Open Doubles (2nd)
Jim Taylor, Men’s A Doubles & Men’s 55 A (3rd & 2nd)
Brian Roberts, Men’s B Singles & Doubles (1st in both)
Riley Edwards, Men’s C Singles & Men’s B Doubles
JP Wilson, Men’s Elite Doubles (2nd)
Brielle Fernando, Women’s A Singles-(1st), Mixed A (2nd), Men’s B.