Championship Racquetball January 2019 –What Can a Fran Davis Camp Do for YOU?


“I came to the camp at a point where my shoulder was starting to hurt so much when I played that I thought I might have to give up racquetball. Your instruction and the video feedback fixed my swing mechanics right away and I have literally never had a sore shoulder while playing since then. Also, the work on court position and shot selection was fantastic. Using that information, I went out the next day and beat an opponent that I had never beaten before (and kept on winning my share after that!). I’ve continued to improve since then, but I will get back to the camp so I can continue to up my game again!”

   Eric Strachan

“Thank you, Coach Fran Davis, for teaching me how to train correctly and elevate my AWARENESS on the court.  Too many times, I’ve watched you open the eyes of players, including pros… enough to know that your training and camps are fit for everyone.  It’s no coincidence that I’ve moved up a level AND won tourneys each season under your guidance!  One of the best decisions I ever made was to take one of your camps only 3 weeks after trying racquetball for the first time.  THANK YOU!!!!”

   Ethan Janson

“Thank you for the camp experience last weekend. Fran, it’s no wonder you are a successful coach. Just the right amount of constructive criticism, but with positivity as a solid foundation. I’ve had many coaches in many sports; you’re at the top. I’m typically “the one” in the crowd that pushes back, but you made solid arguments that shut that down.
Jason, I’m just as honored to have met you, to hear a couple of stories about you personally (from Fran and you) and to have been able to be on the same court.
If I can wrap my head around all the good stuff I learned and put it to use, I just might make it to the A’s this year.”

    Chris Beale

These are just a few of the 100’s of testimonies I receive from 1,000’s of students that have been through my camps.


  • BECOME a CHAMPION…on all levels and all aspects of the game physically & mentally.

  • USE THE POWER of KNOWLEDGE…in practice, in drilling, in playing, on & off the court.

  • IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS…techniques, shots, serves, returns, court position, shot selection, footwork, strategies, tactics, and mental toughness.


Upcoming 2019 Championship Racquetball Camps presented by HEAD/Penn

            February 22-24           Davie, FL (So. FL)

            March 8-10                 Dallas, TX

            March 22-24               Syossett, NY (Long Island)

            April 5-7                      Las Vegas, NV

            May 31-June 2            San Francisco, CA

TBD: Indiana, Pennsylvania, New England, Salt Lake City, UT Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, MD/VA

Check out my “Championship Racquetball Camp Series” schedule of Cities/States and Dates as well as details on what I cover at each camp on my website  and look at Upcoming Events.

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