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Racquetball Tips from the Pros #2

December 14th, 2011

Fran Davis says, “Be PREPARED! If you fail to plan you plan to fail. My “Championship Team” is always prepared – that is why they are on TOP!”

Rocky Carson says, “The stronger I am physically, transfers into feeling stronger mentally. Knowing that I am quicker and more powerful on the court gives me more confidence in executing my shots and game plan.”

Paola Longoria says, “There are no second chances…you must play in the NOW, this moment is all we have and that is it. This is exactly the thinking I had when I won the 2011 US Open and the 2011 Pan American Championships. This was a major shift in my thinking from the 2010 season and it paid big dividends.”

Taylor Knoth says, “Set your goals high and don’t stop till they are achieved. The best athletes may lack some natural talent, but it is the will to win and hard work that pushes them to the top.”

Sharon Jackson says, “I like to live life as if there’s no tomorrow, and I apply this in every aspect of my life. When it comes to training, I work as hard as I possibly can in the time I’ve allocated in my busy schedule (school- work, training, court time, social life, work, and finding a big girl job). I have become very good at time management, so I make sure I never waste any precious time not putting forth anything less than 100% the entire time I’m working out/training. While practicing on the court, I’m not afraid to take an extended time out if I find something I need to work on right then. I make sure to address the issue, learn from my mistakes, and do everything to erase those bad habits so I don’t make them in the future when they actually count.”

Jason Mannino says, “I am a man of percentages and became the #1 IRT Pro Player in 2003 because of the way I think. My main concerns were making my opponents run the furthest distance to hit the ball, keep my opponents behind me, make them shoot from as far back in the court as possible, and make them feel as uncomfortable as possible. I wanted to hit the shot that was the most effective in a particular situation and most importantly – if you can win on a pass, never go for the kill. These were some of the keys to my “championship game.”

Diana McNab says, “A positive attitude is a CHOICE and you are the only one in control of your mind; to take it even deeper, your body loves to respond to the energy and feelings that come from your mind. So, if you feel positive and happy and excited about your match, your body responds by being loose, relaxed and free of anxiety.”

Dan Obremski says, “Stretching or flexibility is important to a racquetball athlete for many reasons: injury prevention, range of motion, speed, agility, and overall athleticism. These are all factors that can benefit you as a player by becoming a more flexible athlete.”


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