US Open Racquetball Championships 2011…Trifector

I just returned from the 15th Annual US Open Racquetball Championships held in Minneapolis, MN and I am proud to say  my “Championship Team” lead by Paola Longoria, Rocky Carson and Taylor Knoth tore up the field as they ALL made it into the finals of their respective divisions….thusly the “Trifector”. Along with them ten of my amateur students walked away with a medal around their necks…not too bad of a week’s work.

Rocky Carson made it to the finals without dropping a game and came out strong in the finals against Kane Waselenchuk beating him the first game.Rocky’s new “aggressive style of play” has served him well and our working together is paying off. Even though he lost to Kane in the finals he pushed Kane to 4 games and put Kane on the defense more often creating more mistakes…something no one has been able to do. Watch out Rocky is on a mission.

He is now in Guadalajara, MX for the Pan American Games representing USA.

Paola took back the 2011 US Open Championship Title from Rhonda Rajsich who won it the last 2 years in 2009 & 2010. Paola beat Rhonda convincingly with her aggressive style of play. Her trip to Seattle to train with me 3 weeks ago truly paid off as her serves and shots were deadly…consistent, accurate  and powerful.

She is now in Guadalajara, MX for the Pan American Games representing her home country Mexico.

Taylor Knoth at the ripe age of 20 he qualified into the main draw of the pros and beat Juan Herrera, #14 in the world, in the round of 32″s to advance to the round of 16’s where he lost to Andy Hawthorne, #4 in the world. Also, he played in the Open Division and made it to the finals  after winning 2 tie breakers in the quarter final and semi final matches. He even beat Alejandro Herrera, #15 in the world, in an 11-10 breaker before losing to Daniel Del La Rosa, #16 in the world, in the finals. Taylor is on his way and is moving up steadily. Our work over the last 8 years is really showing because he is so fundamentally in every aspect of the game. Once he graduates college he will be able to devote full time to racquetball. Even with Taylor going to school full time and carrying 18 credits he is ranked #24 in the world.

My Amateur Championship Team …I am so PROUD of these people who have worked hard on their games after taking our camps or private lessons/coaching with me:

Sharon Jackson:  US Open Pros round of 16, Open Division 3rd Place, Mixed Open Doubles 4th Place
Laurie Welsh:   Women’s  B  3rd Place
Page Kern:  Women’s 45+ A  2nd Place
Kelly Kirk:  Women’s 50+ Open  2nd Place
William Craig:  Men’s 19+ D 4th Place
Quentin Mieure: Men’s 25+ A  1st Place
Ben Howell III:   Men’s 45+ C  1st Place
Quade Howell:  Men’s 24- C  3rd Place (ONLY 12 years old)
George Brewer: Men’s 55+ A  3rd Place
Lamar Hughes:  Men’s 55+ C  2nd Place