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Taylor Knoth

February 24th, 2011

“Gearing up for the National Intercollegiate Championships April 2011 in Tempe, AZ”

Taylor has not played many events after winning the Junior World Championships in November 2010 due to a heavy load in college, but the tournament he played in Corvalis, OR at the beginning of January he won beating Jeff Stark in the finals. Taylor just played in the Tier 3 IRT Satellite Pro-Stop, the Seattle Open, February 18-20, where last year he took Shane Vanderson to 5 games before losing in the tie-breaker. This year he took out the #15 IRT Pro Player, Charlie Pratt, in the quarter-finals and then lost to Rocky Carson in a well fought match in the semi-finals. He used the Seattle Open as a tune up for the National Intercollegiate Championships scheduled for April 6-9. Last year he made it to the finals and came in 2nd in 2010 as a freshman.

Taylor juggles playing racquetball with being a FULL-TIME student at Oregon State University and that is why he does not go to every pro-stop, even though his dream one day is to be the #1 Professional Player. His GPA last term was a 3.8 as you can see he takes school and playing racquetball seriously….a VERY dedicated and hard working individual

Taylor why did you choose Fran Davis as your coach? ” I chose Fran Davis because I saw her coaching many of the pros that I looked up to and knew that she had a lot of experience coaching players to the top. “

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