Paola Longoria Named Mexican Sportswoman of the Year

Paola Longoria, the WPRO’s number 1 ranked professional player, was named as the winner of the “Premio Nacional de Deporte” by the Mexican Government. This is the MOST prestigious award an athlete could get in her country. She received the award on November 20th from the hands of the Mexican President himself, Felipe Calderon. The presentation was made at the Residencia Oficial de Los Pinos, the Mexican version of the USA White House. Along with Paola, the archer Juan Serrano and Paraolympic competitor Mauro Maximo received similar awards. The award declaring Paola Longoria as Sportswoman of the Year is perhaps the most distinguished recognition of any racquetball player in the history of our sport. “CONGRATULATIONS Paola you DESERVE it”….Fran, Your Coach