Returning to Minneapolis for the first time in 9 years! Spend the weekend before the US Open, the BIGGEST tournament in racquetball, learning what it takes to be a part of Championship Racquetball!

HEAD   Championship Racquetball Camp Series 2019   Penn

Attention Racquetball Enthusiasts!

September 27 – 29, 2019 there will be an Instructional WEEKEND Racquetball CAMP in the area with 2 of the most dynamic coaches/players in the game today. Fran and Jason team up to share with you 50+ years of their WINNING racquetball experiences and knowledge and cover EVERY aspect of the game from stroke mechanics, to shots of the games, to drills, to court position, to shot selection, to serves/return of serves, to game plans/strategies, to mental toughness, to training schedules and more… The camp course includes 14+ hours of a combination of lectures, on court instruction, playing/critiquing, drilling, video analysis, play the pro, and a competitive shuttle as well as a Camp HEAD T-Shirt, 100 page Camp Manual and Penn Racquetballs.

This teaching experience is open to EVERYONE…all skill levels and all ages…and GUARANTEES to bring your game to the next level with the latest teaching techniques.

Group Photo

On court training.

Video filming for video analysis.

Spots are limited!   Click here to sign up today!

Come and be a part of “Championship Racquetball” and see why over 1,000’s of people from all over the world have come to work with Fran and Jason to IMPROVE their games…you will be HAPPY you did as your game will improve DRAMATICALLY!

For questions or to signup, go to or click here for a camp flyer.

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