The Road to The 2015 Junior World Championships in the Dominican Republic, November 2015

Fran Davis' 2015 IRF Jr Worlds Mitchell Turner, Wayne Antone, and Jordan Cooperrider L to R

Mitchell Turner, Wayne Antone, and Jordan Cooperrider (L to R) courtesy of Fran Davis.

It’s ALL ABOUT working hard and smart, being dedicated and committed and BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. Wayne Antone, Jordan Cooperrider and Mitchell Turner did just that when I began training/coaching them three years ago. 

I knew when I met them they had what it took to be CHAMPIONS…..heart, desire and determination ran through them like a river.

We began our racquetball journeys together and they are all now members of the 2015 Junior National Racquetball Team preparing for the Junior World Championships.

Fran Davis and her 2015 IRF Jr Worlds Team

Fran Davis poses with her 2015 IRF Jr Worlds Team.

They trained with the team in Colorado Springs at the United States Olympic Training Center (USOTC) in August, with me in Seattle, WA in September Salem, OR and Eugene, OR in October.

They are learning it is a healthy combination of the physical (technical/strategic and conditioning), the mental (focus/concentration/positive attitude/playing in the now/visualization) and the emotional side (believing in yourself/staying present/do not let bad calls affect you), which builds champions.

THANK YOU to the parents (The Antone’s, The Cooperrider’s and The Turner’s) for BELIEVING in me, their kids and US AS A TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

They are the FUTURE of the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) and Ladies Pro Racquetball Tour (LPRT).