Diana’s Tips on Nutrition

Remember in the last issue in Fall 2011 we discussed racquetball muscles need “glycogen” in order to perform at their optimal level?

Glycogen is a muscle energy source that comes from fruits, vegetables and whole grains or complex carbohydrates. Your brain needs glucose or blood sugar and your entire metabolism needs water. Racquetball muscles also need “amino acids” found in protein to repair your tissues and cells.
We introduced the “championship meals” you need to eat in order to develop your championship game, so today I want to give you some “championship match tips” to help you reach your goals as well.
1-DO NOT eat within an hour of your match as you want your stomach almost on empty and all of the glycogen in your muscles.  A full stomach slows down reaction time.
2-DO NOT eat too much as your empty stomach is the size of your fist so a snack is a fistful. Perfect snacks are trail mixes, granola bars, power bars, a piece of fruit for fiber, vegetables, yogurt, bran muffin and a half of sandwich.  Always have your own special food at the tournament as you never know what the club has as food choices.