Diana’s Tips on Mental Toughness


The #1 technique in maintaining mental toughness is visualization. It is the art of creating images in your mind of perfect technique and performance and allowing these images to become imprinted into your muscle memory which lives an inch and a half around your belly button. The best athletes do this naturally without even knowing it! But every athlete needs to understand that this is the key to perfecting consistent performance. “What your mind can perceive and your body believes…you can achieve!” – Terry Orlick

YOUR MIND…is an amazing instrument. It does not know the difference between a vividly imagined picture and reality. The right side of your brain thinks in pictures and not words (alpha state). And every image you create in your mind sends a 30% neural-electrical response to the exact muscles that you are using in the image. All of this is done instantaneously! It is truly amazing!

5-7 days a week visualize

***Visualization can be found in our book Championship Racquetball.