The Video

Building Your Racquetball Dream House…Instructional Video

What Does The Video Cover?

This is the “ultimate in racquetball video instruction!”
We’ll help you to “Build Your Racquetball Dream House” starting from the ground up!
So, order your DVD or tape today and we will help you become a fundamentally sound player.

We’ll start by pouring a strong foundation …

Foundation Section

  • Chapter 1 Forehand
  • Chapter 2 Backhand
  • Chapter 3 Shots of the Game – Offensive vs Defensive
  • Chapter 4 Drilling

Then we’ll erect a powerful frame (including siding, of course) …

The Frame Section (worth 40-50% of game)

  • Chapter 5 Shot Selection
  • Chapter 6 Court Position

We’ll put on a well-sealed weatherproof roof …

The Roof Section (worth 40-50% of game)

  • Chapter 7 Serves – Hard vs Soft / Relocation out of Box
  • Chapter 8 Return of Serve

Now, we’re going to help you “accessorize” your Racquetball Dream House …

The Accessories Section

  • Chapter 9 Game Plans
  • Chapter 10 Strategies

AND, we’ll even throw in a bunch of extras…


  • SUPER Tips From Fran

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For What Level Player Is This Video?

  • Recommended for ALL levels of player


Devouring the Tips and Instruction

Enjoy the video? Enjoy the video? Enjoy the video doesn't do it justice. I have been devouring the tips and instruction in it. I have only been playing since last March and have been looking for a dvd/video such as this. You take it from the basics to advanced tips.

Just simply what I need to improve my game. Little things, like pointing my belly to the front wall on a forehand or backhand...Yes, I LOVE the video. I really like watching Sudsy and Jason playing. Simply phenomenal to be able to watch examples of their caliber play. Amazing that they actually get to the ball on drives like that...We have a some open level players at our club and I stop to watch them whenever I can, but these two are world class...

Bill B.