Testimonials – The Camp

"The Best Fran Camp ever.

"The Best Fran Camp ever. Fran taught me on many levels this weekend, as Fran and only Fran, could have. Objectives met, above expectations!
Alan Douglas - Warren, NJ Camp

"I can't tell you how much my game has improved

"I can't tell you how much my game has improved since taking your camp in Chicago.  In a year, I am a completely different player...

Steve Cucchi - Chicago, IL Camp

...I won the TX Men's A State Tournament

"We have the Fran Davis/Jason Mannino Book, DVD, and have been to her amazing camp where a couple weeks later I won the TX Men's A State Tournament with 33 dudes in it hahaha much credit goes to her.
Lynda Tyler - Dallas, TX Camp

“Thanks Coach.

Thanks Coach. I celebrated by winning the Men’s A Shootout at the WAC today. You methods undoubtedly work."
Robert Fisette - Seattle, WA Camp

"This weekend at Harbor Square Athletic Club, Edmonds, WA was spectacular!

"This weekend at Harbor Square Athletic Club, Edmonds, WA was spectacular! I got to spend time with Fran Davis and Jason Mannino...# 1 on racquetball and learned so much more about racquetball, it was awesome.

Alberto Mejia - Edmonds, WA Camp

"Thanks for the excellent camp,

"Thanks for the excellent camp, I think I picked up 4-6 things that could help get to the next level, I’ve been stuck at A+ play for last few years and feel like I am capable of a little more."
Dan Bitman - San Antonio, TX Camp

“Fran Davis Championship Training Camp is guaranteed to elevate your game.

“Fran Davis Championship Training Camp is guaranteed to elevate your game. Getting to work with as well as see the lifestyle of the top professional player, Rocky Carson, as well as getting pro expertise from Coach Fran Davis shows you what it takes to be on top. I definitely recommend this camp to anybody looking to take their game to the next level.”

Mitchell Turner, Salem, OR – Boys 16 Doubles Champion 2016 & 2017

“So many GREAT THINGS about Coach Fran's training methods and camps!

So many GREAT THINGS about Coach Fran's training methods and camps!  Last week's Fran Davis Camp not only elevated my game, but has given me a clear path to train and succeed.  It is so awesome to have things "click" on the court after drilling and playing the game as Coach Fran inspires.  Thank you, Coach, for teaching me how to train correctly and elevate my AWARENESS on the court.  Too many times, I've watched you open the eyes of players, including pros... enough to know that your training and camps are fit for everyone.  It's no coincidence that I've moved up a level AND won tourneys each season under your guidance!  One of the best decisions I ever made was to take one of your camps only 3 weeks after trying racquetball for the first time.

Ethan Janson – Seattle, WA

“The Fran Davis Championship Training Camp is one of a kind

“The Fran Davis Championship Training Camp is one of a kind, not only do you get to work with some of the greatest current pro players, Rocky Carson, and past pro players, Jason Mannino, but you also get to work with Fran Davis, the BEST COACH on the planet. Not to mention the activities outside of racquetball was great fun as well.”

Wayne Antone, Eugene, OR – Boy’s 18 Champion 2016 & 2017

"Fran, Thank you so very much for your training.

My court position and pivoting from deep court on the serve has placed me in the right spot to return more serves and hits than ever! 

I am reading your book, and really enjoying it!
Drilling is my #1 priority, and I've turned down pickup games in order to drill more. The guys and gals at my club are far better than me, and I need to drill like no tomorrow in order to hopefully keep up with them in the future. 
My backhand has become more dependable, and my forehand serve has some power to it now. My aim is far more accurate now that my grip and court understanding has improved.
I still have a long road ahead, and am really looking forward to it."
Nick Morgan - San Francisco, CA Camp


I won my first league match!

"I wanted to thank you for the camp and wish you happy holidays!   I've been drilling with the Portland group almost every Sunday and going down to the courts for extra practices a couple of times a week and finally feel like I am making some progress.  I won a my first league match of our Winter season against a guy that I have never been able to beat before.  It wasn't easy, but even he said he could see that the camp had improved my game. Thanks, Jennifer"

Jennifer Briglia - Portland, OR Camp

Thank you for all your help. I feel so inspired

"Thank you for all your help. I feel so inspired... I think I can improve my game if I focus on your guidelines and erase all the conflicting information that's come my way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of the tips everyone has shared at my home gym. My gym mates are awesome and supportive. However, in trying to listen to everyone, my actual contact with the ball got worse! LOL.

I had so much fun yesterday. And I cannot remember the name of your assistant coach who really helped me with one on one instruction, but she knew exactly what to say to make my brain get it. Your camp method of teaching worked well in making the corrections stick in my head. Now I just have to keep drilling. I was able to feel when I hit the ball correctly!! It felt natural even though my body was a little confused at times. I will  need to work hard on erasing all my poor muscle memory mechanics, buy I think I can do it.”
Eunice Corbin - Atlanta, GA Camp

Fran Davis and Jason Mannino put on a GREAT camp

“The Fran Davis Racquetball camp wrapped up today and there are 17 smarter players out there. Fran Davis and Jason Mannino put on a GREAT camp. Glad Team Ocala was able to host such a top notch event."

Rod Van Dyke - Ocala, FL Camp

I won my first 'A' tournament

This week, I won my first 'A' tournament after first learning racquetball less than a year ago! This would not have been possible without Fran's camp and coaching along the way. Coach Fran has taught me that there is so much more to this sport than swing mechanics and shot selection. If you are dedicated to achieving lofty new goals in this sport, I strongly urge you to take advantage of Fran's powerful wisdom and inspiration any way you can. Thank you thank you thank you, Coach, for inspiring me to discover new levels of confidence and skills.

Ethan Janson

My game has already grown leaps and bounds.

I just came back to competition at my club this week, after about 3.5 weeks of drills. I've stepped it up one level at least. A guy that is considered the 'best' at the club was defeated by me 15-6, 15-9 just yesterday!

My game is far from polished but with the combination of camp knowledge and the book (which I consider a racquetball bible), my game has already grown leaps and bounds.

I'm competing in San Diego this weekend in the A's and 30+. I'll let you know how I do. Thanks again for your dedication to our sport and sharing your awesome knowledge!

Las Vegas Camp

You and Jason are incredibly knowledgable and well spoken.

I thought your camp was very helpful. I really enjoyed all the info we covered, I only wish we had longer to absorb it. The most useful topics in my opinion was the lecture on shot selection and the video analysis.

Brock B.
Seattle Camp

Everything was perfect!



John B.
San Diego Camp

It fired me up!

I loved the camp. It fired me up to play racquetball harder.

I can´t wait to get back to MD and start practicing.

Thank you very much for your time and effort. It was so nice to meet you and Jason!!!

Maryland Camp

I can't say enough!

I can't say enough about Fran and her *teaching* abilities! I learned many, many things, and am currently studying more from her Building Your Racquetball Dreamhouse video and the book. I hope to take another camp (hopefully Aruba) to compare my progress.

Las Vegas Camp