Hosting a Camp


What Does Hosting A Camp Mean?

  • You would like to bring one of the camps to your city or state and to a particular facility.

What Are The Requirements To Host A Camp?

  • 15 Camper Minimum

What Does Fran Davis Agree To?

1 – Give the club a choice of one of the following equaling $499 or more in value:

  • a free entry into the camp for a club member or a staff member for the use of the courts/facilities ($499 value).
  • various products
  • allow the club to set up an interview with Jason Mannino, former #1 Pro Player in the World and Fran Davis, the  Hall of Fame Coach, with the local media (T.V., newspaper or radio).

2 – Teach for 14+ hours during the weekend agreed upon and with the hours selected.

3 – Offer your members a reduced rate of $399 ($375 with 2 or more in the envelop) for the weekend.

4 – Supply a Release and Assumption of Risk for the participants.

5 – Bring own video camera.

What Does Club Agree To?

1 – The appropriate # of courts for the use of the camp, approximately 5 courts (more if necessary) with at least one being glass. This is determined by the # of participants.

2 – A cable-ready TV and an extension cord.

3 – The use of any area/room with an easel to conduct Sunday mornings lecture.

4 – A table to display products to demo.

5 – A host hotel with a special reduced rate worked out for the participants from out of town, as well as 1 or 2 complimentary rooms for the instructors.

6 – Help in promoting the event locally so the goal of a minimum of 15 participants is obtained.

What Is The Schedule And Court Useage?

– 6:30 PM Welcome & Check-in
– 6:45 PM Lecture: Stroke Mechanics (1 CT)
Court Position / Shot Selection
– 7:45 PM Playing / Critiquing / Video Taping (All CTs agreed)
-9:30 PM Regroup – Summary – Home Sweet Home!

-9:00 AM Lecture – Shots of the Game / Drilling (1 CT)
-10:15 AM Practice Drills (All CTs agreed)
-11:30 PM Lecture – Serves / Return of Serves (1 CT)
-12:30 PM Lunch – Watch Pro Matches with Video Analysis
-1:30   PM Playing the Pros/Critiquing/Video Analysis (All CTs agreed)
-4:00 PM Regroup – Summary – Home Sweet Home!

-9:00 AM Shuttle/Critique (All CTs agreed)
-10:30 AM Review & Lecture – Mental Toughness (Private area agreed upon)
-12:00 Noon Wrap Up – Summary – Home Sweet Home!

How To Secure A Date Or If You Have Any Questions?