What is a Camp?

The Fran Davis Racquetball Camp™

Hall of Fame Instructor Fran Davis, a former #5 ranked racquetball player in the world, has teamed up with a future Hall of Fame player Jason Mannino, a former #1 ranked player in the world, to bring you the “Championship Racquetball” Camp Series.  This is the longest running (20+ years), most comprehensive and most successful racquetball camp in the world servicing more than 5,000 campers to date. They have developed winning racquetball strategies for today’s game, for students at every level.

Camp highlights include comprehensive video analysis of each student’s swing and play, on court tactics, and the ability to play Jason Mannino who will assess and offer feedback on areas to improve your game on the court.  Lectures on stroke mechanics, court position, shot selection, serve/return, mental game and just about everything you can think of are included throughout the camp. Come join us to see how our 60+ years of racquetball teaching and playing experience will help you become a better player.

***Camps will include Fran and/or Jason based on # of campers.

3-Day Camps

  • 13+ hours of instruction, court time and play the pro
  • Physical and mental aspects of the game
  • Video taping and analysis
  • Camp workbook
  • Camp T-shirt
  • Penn balls

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Week Long Racquetball Fantasy Camps™!
These are our tropical, most advanced camps with hours of playing/critiquing/playing the pros/mental toughness. With lots of “One on One Instruction.”  Guaranteed fun!

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Doubles Camps
Doubles ONLY! You’ll learn how to play racquetball as a team not two single players coming together to play doubles. It is “TEAM” work at it’s best…

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"Fran, Thank you so very much for your training.

My court position and pivoting from deep court on the serve has placed me in the right spot to return more serves and hits than ever! 

I am reading your book, and really enjoying it!
Drilling is my #1 priority, and I've turned down pickup games in order to drill more. The guys and gals at my club are far better than me, and I need to drill like no tomorrow in order to hopefully keep up with them in the future. 
My backhand has become more dependable, and my forehand serve has some power to it now. My aim is far more accurate now that my grip and court understanding has improved.
I still have a long road ahead, and am really looking forward to it."
Nick Morgan - San Francisco, CA Camp