3-Day Camps

What Do My Three Day Camps Include?

  • 13+ hours of instruction, court time and play the pro
  • Physical and mental aspects of the game
  • Video taping and analysis
  • Camp workbook
  • Camp T-shirt
  • Penn balls

Week Long Racquetball Fantasy Camps™!

These are our tropical, most advanced camps with hours of playing/critiquing/playing the pros/mental toughness. With lots of “One on One Instruction”. Guaranteed fun!!!

What Does a Three Day Camp Cost?

  • $499.00 pp (non-refundable) within 30 days of camp date
  •  $425.00 pp (non-refundable) 30+ days prior to camp date
  •  $399.00 pp (non refundable) sign-up with a friend. MUST GIVE FRIEND’S NAME WHEN YOU REGISTER and they must sign up or you will be billed the difference of the full price of the camp minus the $399.00 which you paid.

NOTE: Camp fees DO NOT include hotel/food

What Does The Camp Cover?

The Skills

* Strokes
* Serves
* Service Relocation
* Return of Serve
* Offensive and Defensive Shots

The Tactics

* Court Position
* Shot Selection
* Game Plans and Strategies

The Competition

* Drilling-Practice Perfectly
* Mental Toughness
* Conditioning, Flexibility, Training and Nutrition

Who Can Attend A Camp?

* All Levels!

What Is The Three Day Camp Schedule and Court Usage?

– 6:30 PM Welcome & Check-in
– 6:45 PM Lecture: Stroke Mechanics / Court Position / Shot Selection
– 7:45 PM Playing / Critiquing / Video
– 9:15 PM Regroup – Summary
– 9:30 PM Home Sweet Home!

– 9:00 AM Review
– 9:30 AM Lecture – Shots of the Game / Drilling
– 10:30 AM Practice Drills
– 12:00 PM Lecture – Serves / Return of Serves
– 1:00 PM Lunch – Watch Pro Matches
– 2:00 PM Playing / Critiquing / Video Analysis
– 3:45 PM Regroup – Summary
– 4:00 PM Home Sweet Home!

– 9:00 AM Shuttle/Critique
– 10:30 AM Lecture – Mental Toughness/ Training Schedules
– 11:45 AM Regroup – Summary / Farewell
– 12:00 PM Home Sweet Home!

Do You Have Any Questions About The Camp?

Contact Fran at: 206-522-FRAN(3726) or camps@FranDavisRacquetball.com

How Do You Register?

  1. Using Traditional Mail (Checks, Money Orders, Visa or MasterCard with or without Special Discount Offer)
  2. Using E-Commerce (Master Card and Visa ONLY)

Select a camp in the sidebar to register using either method!

Thank you for all your help. I feel so inspired

"Thank you for all your help. I feel so inspired... I think I can improve my game if I focus on your guidelines and erase all the conflicting information that's come my way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all of the tips everyone has shared at my home gym. My gym mates are awesome and supportive. However, in trying to listen to everyone, my actual contact with the ball got worse! LOL.

I had so much fun yesterday. And I cannot remember the name of your assistant coach who really helped me with one on one instruction, but she knew exactly what to say to make my brain get it. Your camp method of teaching worked well in making the corrections stick in my head. Now I just have to keep drilling. I was able to feel when I hit the ball correctly!! It felt natural even though my body was a little confused at times. I will  need to work hard on erasing all my poor muscle memory mechanics, buy I think I can do it.”
Eunice Corbin - Atlanta, GA Camp