Championship Racquetball Camp Series August Update 2017 with Fran Davis & Rocky Carson

Championship Training Camp 2017 w Fran Davis & Rocky Carson at Rocky’s house for Welcome Party.

My Championship Racquetball Camp Series presented by HEAD/Penn was a special edition this month, as Rocky Carson (#1 in the World & #2 IRT Pro Player) joined me July 31st-August 4th at the Club Sports Renaissance in Aliso Viejo, CA for an Elite or higher level training camp. I have been Rocky’s coach since 2010 and together we brought a wealth of knowledge, years of experience and tons of information about how to develop a “championship game.”

Players flew in from all over the country like, Wayne Antone & Mitchell Turner (OR), Jordan Cooperrider & Gracie Wargo (FL), Luis Avila, David Hester & Henry Morales (CA) and Ethan Janson (WA).

The camp was designed with lots of high level drilling, playing, critiquing, one-on-one sessions with Rocky and me, video/video analysis, footwork drills, mental toughness skills, as well as designing game plans and training schedules.

Championship Training Camp 2017 w Fran Davis & Rocky Carson
…One on One Instruction and Group Lectures

As a bonus we had so many fun activities planned for the campers like a Welcome Party hosted by Rocky & his family, pickleball, outdoor racquetball, surfing, beaches, relaxing by the pool and a farewell BBQ at Rocky’s house.

Championship Training Camp 2017 w Fran Davis & Rocky Carson Campers doing fun activities like pickleball, outdoor Racquetball, surfing and even ping pong.”

We had some very happy campers who learned all the aspects of the game from the physical skills, to the mental skills, to the strategic skills, to the conditioning skills, which are all integral parts of “becoming a champion.”

Championship Training Camp 2017 w Fran Davis & Rocky Carson…Campers playing w Rocky.

Here are a few testimonies and pictures that tell the story:

  • “The Fran Davis Championship Training Camp is one of a kind, not only do you get to work with some of the greatest current pro players, Rocky Carson, and past pro players, Jason Mannino, but you also get to work with Fran Davis, the BEST COACH on the planet. Not to mention the activities outside of racquetball was great fun as well.”
    Wayne Antone, Eugene, OR – Boy’s 18 Champion 2016 & 2017
      • “This camp and these videos are a huge help, and I know this will help me make that leap into the pros in no time. Thank you Fran for your time and letting me pick yours and Rocky’s brain for the sport I love and that I wish to spread to the young kids.”
        Luis Avila – So. CA
      • “So many GREAT THINGS about Coach Fran’s training

        Championship Training Camp 2017 w Fran Davis & Rocky Carson…Campers playing each other.

        methods and camps!  Last week’s Camp not only elevated my game, but has given me a clear path to train and succeed.  It is so awesome to have things “click” on the court after drilling and playing the game as Coach Fran inspires.  Thank you, Coach, for teaching me how to train correctly and elevate my AWARENESS on the court.  Too many times, I’ve watched you open the eyes of players, including pros… enough to know that your training and camps are fit for everyone.  It’s no coincidence that I’ve moved up a level AND won tourneys each season under your guidance!  One of the best decisions I ever made was to take one of your camps only 3 weeks after trying racquetball for the first time.  THANK YOU!!!!
        Ethan Janson – Seattle, WA

  • “Fran Davis Championship Training Camp is guaranteed to elevate your game. Getting to work with as well as see the lifestyle of the top professional player, Rocky Carson, as well as getting pro expertise from Coach Fran Davis shows you what it takes to be on top. I definitely recommend this camp to anybody looking to take their game to the next level.”
    Mitchell Turner, Salem, OR – Boys 16 Doubles Champion 2016 & 2017

Championship Training Camp 2017 w Fran Davis & Rocky Carson last day of camp and they survived.


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