My Kids R Growing Up June 2017

“Wayne Antone, Jordan Cooperrider & Mitchell Turner
are growing up on and off the court. 

My Junior Championship Team training together 2016 with Rocky Carson and Coach Fran Davis in So. CA.

My “Junior Championship Racquetball Team,” led by Wayne, Jordan, and Mitchell are going to Junior National Championships in Stockton, CA this week, June 21-25, on a mission to earn a spot on the USA Junior National Racquetball Team and represent the USA at the Junior World Championships in November.

I began coaching all of them early in their careers:

  • Wayne since 2012 and 14 years old.
  • Jordan since 2012 and 12 years old.
  • Mitchell since 2013 and 13 years old.

My Junior Championship Team training/vacationing together with Coach Fran Davis in 2015 in Mt. Hood, OR.

It’s been a long and successful journey with Wayne being on the USA Junior National Racquetball Team 4X, Jordan 9X and Mitchell 2X…all with numerous Gold and Silver Medals from National and World Championships. At that time, they were all just kids, but now they have grown up to be such mature young adults:

  • Wayne 19 years old and graduated High School last year will be pursuing a career in racquetball while going to community college.
  • Jordan 18 years old and graduated High School this year will be going to a 4-year college to pursue a career as a veterinarian.
  • Mitchell 17 years old and a junior in High School planning to enjoy his senior year of high School.

This is Wayne’s and Jordan’s last year in juniors and you will see them at the National Intercollegiate Championships and dabbling in the IRT, WRT and LPRT professional events.

Mitchell on the other hand has 3 more years in juniors including this year and will focus on finishing strong in High School.

*Wayne, Jordan and Mitchell I am VERY PROUD of your accomplishments and how hard you all have worked throughout your careers and in school.

Here’s a trip down memory lane with my juniors:

Jordan Cooperrider and Coach Fran Davis celebrating her wins at 2016 Jr. Nationals in Minneapolis, MN,

Jordan Cooperrider Graduates High School 2017 in Palm Harbor, FL,

Jordan/Daryl Cooperrider w Coach Fran Davis after winning double gold at the age of 12 at Junior Nationals in Portland, OR.

Jordan Cooperrider and Coach Fran Davis at the 2016 US Open Championships in MN,

Mitchell Turner going to his Prom 2017 in Salem, OR.

Mitchell Turner and Wayne Antone after a long day of practice with Coach Fran Davis in Seattle, WA 2017.

Mitchell Turner and Coach Fran Davis winning his 1st medals at Junior Nationals at the age of 13.

Wayne Antone w Coach Fran Davis celebrating winning the Boy’s 18 at the 2016 Junior Nationals in Minneapolis, MN.

Wayne Antone and Coach Fran Davis at the 2013 Junior Nationals in Concord, CA.

…”Wayne Antone w Coach Fran Davis discussing strategies/mental toughness on the court in Salem, OR 2015.

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