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Fran Davis and Rocky Carson. Men's Singles World Champion 2014

Fran Davis and Rocky Carson. Men’s Singles World Champion 2014

My two athletes, Rocky Carson and Paola Longoria, arrived at the 17th IRF World Championships in Burlington, Ontario, Canada on June 14-21, 2014 to take care of business. Rocky wanted to defend his 2012 World Championship Title he won in the Dominican Republic. Paola also came on a mission to defend her 2012 World Championship Titles in both singles and doubles that she also won in the Dominican Republic.

Rocky is the ONLY athlete to win 4 World Championship Titles in the 17-year history of the World Championships. Paola continues her winning streak of NOT losing a match since May 2011.

I am so PROUD of both of them as they accomplished what they

Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas Women's Doubles World Champions 2014

Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas Women’s Doubles World Champions 2014

set out to accomplish as they both have been training long and hard to be able to reach their goals. They both wanted to be crowned the 2014 World Champion and they did just that.

What made it even sweeter was that I was able to be there court-side and coach Paola in some very tough matches and watch Rocky go through the draw not losing a game.

The IRF World Championship event is held every two years. The event features 30 countries from around the world such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Korea, Japan, India, Costa Rica, and Columbia etc. They play in a preliminary round robin format tournament for 3 days to determine the

Paola Longoria receiving her gold medal

Paola Longoria receiving her gold medal

seeding’s for the main draw, which is held on the last 4 days of the weeklong event.  At the end of the week an individual World Champion is crowned in women and men’s singles and doubles.  What makes it even more exciting there is a team competition – so a World Championship country is determined too.

Rocky and Paola will now take a few days off from playing; Rocky is going to visit NYC, my hometown, with his wife, Mom and Dad and Paola is going to San Luis Potosí and Mexico City for some interviews and a photo shoot.

In the beginning of July Rocky has the World Outdoor

Rocky Carson with Jose Rojas. Men's Team Gold World Championships 2014

Rocky Carson with Jose Rojas. Men’s Team Gold World Championships 2014

Championships in Huntington Beach, CA and Paola has her Mexican National Qualifying Championships. After those 2 events they will take a few weeks off, well deserved, before starting to train for the IRT and LPRT 2014/2015 season.

On Tuesday, June 24th, I head out to Denver, CO for the

Junior Nationals to coach my junior championship team, Connor Laffey, Wayne Atone, Jordan Cooperrider and Mitchell Turner…all trying to capture a spot on the Junior National Team, which is going to Cali, Columbia this year in October for the Junior World Championships.

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