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Summer Update 2013

August 30th, 2013 Comments off

 Rocky Carson & Paola Longoria bring home 2 medals from the World Games in Cali, Columbia.

Connor Laffey awarded the “John Wooden Award” at the Jr. National Training Camp at the USOTC .

Rocky Carson and Paola Longoria head to their first Pro Stop of the 2013/2014 season.

My “Adult Championship Racquetball Team” led by Rocky Carson, #2 Pro in the World, and Paola Longoria, #1 Pro in the World, brought home 2 medals at the World Games, in Cali, Columbia, July 24-29, 2013. 

 Rocky Carson  represented the USA in Singles and took home a Bronze Medal after losing a tough match to Gil Mejia of Mexico in a 11-9 tie-breaker after coming off the Outdoor Season just 2 weeks prior.

Paola Longoria  represented Mexico in Singles and took home the Gold Medal after beating Rhonda Rajsich in the semi-finals and Samantha Salas in the finals. Both matches went only 2 games which proves Paola’s dominance on the women’s side as she has NOT lost a Professional match or an International match in over 2 years.

Both Rocky and Paola have been training hard the entire month of August as their professional season begins this week  August 30th—September 2nd.  Paola heads to Stockton, CA and September 14-17 Rocky heads to Kansas City, MO.

My “Junior Championship Racquetball Team” worked their butts off in Colorado Springs, CO at the United States Olympic Training Center where they were training with the Jr. National Racquetball Team preparing for the Jr. World Championships in Bolivia in October 20-26, 2013.

 Connor Laffey  while attending the Jr. National Team Training Camp at the USOTC camp,  received an award called the “John Wooden Award.”

John Wooden was a coach for the Indiana State Basketball team and created a pyramid-the Pyramid of Success. The top of the Pyramid is competitive greatness, in order to obtain the top of the Pyramid the other steps of the Pyramid must be met.  The USA coaches all agreed that Connor has what it takes to achieve this award. What an honor.

Jordan Cooperrider has taken home all the valuable information she received in Colorado Springs as well as from all her matches at the Jr. National Championships.  We are working very closely with her father to get her ready for the Jr. World Championships. She won the Girl’s 12 & U Jr. World Championships 2 years ago so she is priming herself for a repeat.

Both Connor and Jordan have been training hard the entire month of August because their season begins in September, 2013 and the Jr. World Championships are the following month in October, 2013.

The Jr. World Championships will be streamed live on the International Federation Racquetball website.

Good Luck and stay focused.



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