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October 14th, 2012

CONGRATS to Rocky and Paola…FINALISTS at the 2012 United Health Care US Open.

Paola Longoria defended her title from 2011 and is the 2012 United Health Care US Open Champion as she won in fashion against her rival Rhonda Rajsich in 3 straight games.

Rocky Carson makes it to the finals again at the 2012 United Health Care US Open, but fell short to his rival, Kane Waselenchuk.
ALL their hard work paid big dividends as they put into practice the principles of the “Racquetball Sports Triangle,” which I advocate in my book, “Championship Racquetball.”  

ALL year long they never missed a beat working on their racquetball skills, their mental skills and their conditioning/nutritional skills. They knew that all three sides of the “Triangle” needed to work together in order for them to reach their “Championship” level game….and they did!

It was an amazing event as it was held at the Lifetime Fitness Center, inside the Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. There were 658 participants, 13 countries, $63,000.00 in prize money at this year’s 17th annual United Health Care US Open which was the biggest and most widely viewed event in racquetball history.
All http://www.irtnetwork.com/ subscribers can see Paola and Rocky’s matches in the archives. You can watch their matches at the semi’s and finals which will be aired on the Tennis Channel Thanksgiving weekend, so make sure you check the days and times.

I LOVE the United Health Care US Open, it is truly a worldwide event with international flavor; players came from 13 different countries to compete at this most prestigious event.
Everyone wants to hold a US Open title…from the pro division all the way down to the amateur divisions which is what makes it so competitive and exciting.

I had so many of my students and our campers attend this event. The competitors were: George Brewer, who actually won the Men’s 55+ A division, Jerry Evarts, Dave Boyovich, Sharon Jackson, Grace Hughes, Tony Lopez, Harlan Faircloth, Jeff Stark, Arturo Burruel, Kenny Green Jr., Eddie Vann, Dragana Bulatovic, Cheryl Jones, Ly Abbott, Kelly Kirk, and Jackie Paraiso

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