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ROCKY and PAOLA finals of 1st Pro Stop of the Season

September 25th, 2012

Rocky and Paola enter their 1st Pro Stop of the season and they BOTH make it to the finals of their respective IRT and LPRT events.

Rocky played in the IRT Pro Stop in KS, September 13-16, and played well. He was moving well, serving  consistently, returned serves brilliantly and was very mentally tough.

He played Shane Vanderson in the quarter finals and won 3-0; Jose Rojas in the semi finals and beat him 3-1;  Kane Wasenlunchuk in the finals and lost 3-1.

Rocky had Kane on the ropes, 8-4, in the third game after tieing up the match 1 game a piece, but Rocky could not close it out and Kane inched his way back in and won 11-9. The fourth and final game was close , but Kane won 11-8. All in all Rocky is looking good and is continuing to train hard for the US Open which starts October 3-7.

Paola played in the LPRT Pro Stop in TX, August 23-26, and played extremely well, dominating all her opponents and lost ONLY 1 game the whole tournament to Rhonda Rajsich. She went onto beat Rhonda 3-1 continuing her undefeated 2011/2012 season. She also teamed up with Jansen Allen, her boyfriend, and won the Pro Mixed Doubles.
Paola is also playing at the US Open and is training hard to defend her 2011 US Open title.

****On a side note, Rocky won the National Outdoor Championships held in Huntington Beach, CA for the 9th time in his career this summer. He competed the weekend of September 19-23, to defend his 2011 title in the 3 Wall Outdoor Racquetball Championships in Las Vegas, NV.

SEE YOU ALL COURTSIDE at the US Open while I am coaching Rocky and Paola or if you cannot make it out there watch it live on the IRT Network and catch the action.

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