Diana’s Tips On Mental Toughness:

One must train the mind for “Championship Racquetball.”

The strongest sense we have is our feeling state, what we call our ‘Emotional State”. If it feels great, we continue doing it. If it does not feel good, we stop the pattern. So you have to feel great out on the court all the time. The greatest performances come from a state of enjoyment. We take risks, take chances, and are more creative in this state. If you are not enjoying racquetball, why are you playing?

Your ideal state is always happy, calm, relaxed, and in control. No worries. Your passion and love for the game are nestled in your gut, and your positive muscle memory is ready to act and react. You always want to enjoy the process and play from love and not fear. Remember, this is a game of mistakes, so keep your sense of humor and put it all in perspective. Pretend you are a wild animal before it attacks its prey—totally relaxed, muscles loose, and ready to kill. The animal’s mind is positive and emotionally calm. This is the perfect ready state.