Dan’s Tips on Conditioning

POWER is another one of the key elements in conditioning you want to develop for your “Championship Game”. Power is represented by speed over time. In other words, how quickly and with what certain force can you move? Or in sports, we think of “explosion” when we think of power. How quickly can you act, react or move with definite force? An example would be an offensive power ‘drive serve” which would be speed with force equaling POWER.
There are specific exercises that develop your power and helps you to become more “explosive” into the ball, thus generating more power so your opponent has less reaction time.

Conditioning Drills that Target Power

A powerful FIRST STEP along with a quick FIRST STEP will get you to center court much more efficiently and ready to defend. Below are just a couple of drills you can do to develop more power:

1-Step Up Drill

2-Lunge Drill