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Racquetball Tips from the Pros #1

December 14th, 2011

Rocky Carson says, “Preparation is KEY in all areas of the Racquetball Sports Triangle. I concentrate on ALL 3 sides… Conditioning/Nutrition, Mental Toughness and Racquetball Skills, Techniques and Tactics. There are NO shortcuts only long and hard hours of preparing.”

Paola Longoria says, “Play in the NOW and seize the moment as there are NO second chances ONLY the present moment.”

Taylor Knoth says, “The serve sets the tone to the match and I have never worked harder on my serves than this year…particularly my drive serve with the pros changing to a 2 serve rule….it has definitely paid off BIG Time. Thanks Fran for pushing me.”

Sharon Jackson says, “You got to BELIEVE in yourself. No matter how hard you work on the physical aspects of your game, if you don’t work on the mental aspects you will not be a complete player and you will not be able to develop your championship game….take it from me as I learned the hard way.”

Jason Mannino says, “I DO NOT care what you do when you step on the court, but you better give 110% and NEVER give up. There’s a quote Fran and I use at our camps, ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’. You know what I mean.”

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