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Sharon Jackson

February 23rd, 2011

Sharon Jackson  Junior National Champion 2009, National Intercollegiate Champion 2010,  #25 WPRO Professional Player

“Gearing up for the National Intercollegiate Championships April 2011 in Tempe, AZ”

Sharon has not played many events after qualifying for the pro division at the US Open 2010 due to a heavy load in college, but the tournaments she plays in locally she plays in the Men’s Open division and usually can hold her own if not beat all the local open players.

She is currently training to win the National Intercollegiate Championships and defend her title she took home in 2010 as a freshman.  Right now she is working on conditioning and drills. She does the stair master for 30 minutes on speed 7, then runs 2 miles, and lastly does some fast feet at the end. As far as drilling she is like Paola working on the fundamentals like set up and shoot and then serves and returns. If time permits she will go to the MD WPRO Pro Stop in March and Pro Nationals in New Orleans in May.

Sharon, like Taylor, juggles playing racquetball with being a FULL-TIME student at the University of Alabama and that is why she does not go to every pro-stop, even though her dream one day is to be the #1 Professional Player.  School is definitely a challenge for her this year as she is taking 17 hours. Her current GPA is 3.694, but last semester she had a 4.0 and was on the President’s List. You can see she takes school and playing racquetball seriously….a VERY dedicated and hard working individual.

Sharon why did you choose Fran Davis as your coach? ” Fran Davis is one of the most successful coaches of all time. Everyone she coaches is very elite and gifted in the sport of racquetball and typically have won numerous national and world titles.  She’s very selective in her student’s and I’m honored to be one of them.”

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