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Mannino commits to do it all…Commissioner, Player, Instructor

March 14th, 2010

It is very fitting having one of the most exciting and well versed players on the tour, Jason Mannino, wearing MANY hats giving back to a sport that he began playing at the ripe old age of two.  Jason has dedicated his life to playing amateur tournaments, juniors, and for the last 15 years played professionally on the International Racquetball Tour (www.irt-tour.com) where he captured the #1 ranking as well as 2 US Open Championship titles.

That wasn’t enough for Jason as in 2000 he and I joined forces. I began coaching him and in just 3 years helped him achieve a lifelong dream of becoming the #1 pro player in the world. We also began teaching together running a series of camps worldwide called, “Building Your Racquetball Dream House”, which is today the MOST SUCCESSFUL and LONGEST RUNNING camp program in the industry. Our clients were bugging us for a video and in 2003 we developed and produced “Building Your Racquetball Dream House” video that is the #1 selling video in the world. Presently we are working on a book, “Championship Racquetball”, published by Human Kinetics, to be released in Fall 2010. Hopefully this lets you know just how DEDICATED and COMMITTED Jason is to our camps and the educational component of our business.

Now in 2010 Jason begins with yet another promising fresh start for Racquetball. After nine years as Commissioner of the International Racquetball Tour (IRT*), Dave Negrete has retired. Jason Mannino was named the new Commissioner of IRT. Jason plans to retire from professional competition at the end of the 2009 – 2010 season (see IRT press release on www.irt-tour.com).

Jason has been Commissioner for only a few months, and already he has a very clear vision about what he wants to accomplish.

He has a lot on this plate balancing his new responsibility as IRT Commissioner, with Family, Camps, Lessons, and still being a Professional Racquetball Competitor on the IRT circuit as well. When I asked Jason how he felt about his new responsibilities here’s what he said: “As of right now, I am working all day and most nights to make sure the IRT is successful. I’m unable to train as much as I’d like, so my play will immediately be impacted. There’s nothing I can do about that. My focus right now is to work on IRT governance, strengthening and stabilizing our base, and building a value proposition for all IRT constituents, e.g., players, fans, and partners.” He provided this IRT Vision and Mission Statement:

IRT Vision Statement

Men’s professional racquetball will be recognized as the fastest, most athletic and exciting racquet sport in the world.

IRT Mission Statement

The IRT is the governing body of men’s professional racquetball. Our mission is to:

  • Showcase the world’s top racquetball talent at the best venues
  • Create greater public awareness of the IRT and its players
  • Facilitate revenue generating opportunities for professional players
  • Operate with a foundation of strong governance and financial conservatism
  • Relentlessly pursue the elevation of the game

All I can tell you Jason is a very tenacious man and anything he sets his mind to accomplish he does….I DO NOT think this is any different. The professional side of racquetball is in for the ride of its life.

Please join me in wishing Jason the very best with the challenges he faces for 2010.

* IRT: the governing body of men’s professional racquetball. The IRT hosts professional men’s racquetball events worldwide in conjunction with USA Racquetball. For more information visit www.irt-tour.com

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